Our plastic planet

Editorial / Film

“Our Plastic Planet” is the short documentary I’ve been working on the last few months. In this documentary I tell you about the problem of single use plastic. I want to raise more awareness. And wanne give you some tips later in the blog post.

The ocean always attracted me. So when I saw more and more plastic on beaches and in the sea I decided to do something. That’s why I made the documentary “Our plastic planet”, I hope to inspire people and make a change.

For this project I worked together with The Clean Ocean Project in Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands. The video is also recorded at Fuerteventura. It was an incredible journey to make a movie like this and I’m very happy with all the help I got from the people on the island but also from the dive centers: Punta Amanay and Deep Blue Diving. So a big thank you for all the people who helped in this project. For some behind the scenes photo’s check out this blog post.



– For all the smokers please don’t trough your cigarettes on the ground! Just      through them in the garbage bin.

Cigarette butts are toxic plastic pollution. Trillions off cigarette butts are thrown into the environment every year, where they leach nicotine and heavy metals before turning into microplastic pollution.

(Fact from National Geographic)

– Refuse plastic straws. There are a lot of alternatives like bamboo straws, metal or made out of pasta.

In just the U.S. alone, one estimate suggests 500 million straws are used every single day. One study published earlier this year estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches.

(Fact from National Geographic)

– If you go to the supermarket try to choose product who are not pact ik plastic. You can buy little bags for fruits and vegetables that you can use reuse.